Business Planning

Your Business and Estate Planning should work harmoniously to safeguard the interests of your company and your future generations. Many see the business in a vacuum and not as an asset to be addressed in the owner’s personal estate plan.

Getting the most out of your business requires proactive planning for succession, asset protection, and tax optimization. Proper planning can provide continuity and stability for your business and your loved ones. Maintaining your corporate books and agreements over time controls costs and reduces the risk of potential misunderstandings, conflicts, and controversies.

Disjointed attempts at planning can work against overall goals. It is important to work with qualified professionals who can help you develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to both your unique business and personal goals.

Why Business Planning Matters

  • Business Formation

We work with you to create the business entity from the name to the organization and agreements for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, etc.

  • Business Succession Planning

Most small businesses fail at the death of the founder, usually because the owner is so consumed in his or her business that they do not take time to address the succession of ownership, potentially leading to disinterested owners and the ultimate failure of the business. We help to ensure you have a solid plan in place in the event of the disability or death of an owner or member. Couple that with your personal estate planning to ensure a smooth transition of your wealth to benefit your loved ones.

  • Asset Protection Planning

We counsel, design and implement a tailored plan to ensure your business assets are protected for future generations.

  • Understanding New & Changing Laws

We help you stay informed about new and changing laws that could affect you such as the Corporate Transparency Act. Is your business compliant?

  • Business Maintenance Plan

Many business owners lose the personal liability protection of the corporate structure because they do not follow the formalities of corporate law. A regular review and update as provided with our Family Legacy™ Business Legal Services, keeps the business secure and personal assets safe from business liabilities.

Business Planning Should Be…


Your Business Plan and your Estate Plan should work together as should your legal, accounting, and financial professionals.


Don’t leave your business unprotected. Ensure the longevity of your legacy with strategic planning.


Your Business, your Assets, your Family, and the Law are always changing, you need to maintain your business plan to ensure it continues to work for future generations.

Our Process

  • Information Gathering & Consultation

First, we seek to hear your concerns, priorities, hopes, fears, dreams, and values to determine how we can help. To better understand your goals, we need to understand the details of your business and other assets (particularly how you own them), any legal documents already in place for you, personally, and for your business and key owners/members. With this information we can provide you with options and an all-inclusive fee quote, avoiding the surprise invoice down the road.

  • Strategic Counselling & Delivery

Once you engage our law firm, an experienced Business & Estate Planning attorney will work with you to design the plan and execute the strategy. This will include asset titling strategy discussions and identifying the right people control the business should the owner become disabled or dies. After your plan has been created, it is signed, witnessed and notarized where necessary.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

We work with you step by step to title your assets properly to ensure your Estate & Business Plan works as intended, including maintaining compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act as part of our Family Legacy™ Business Legal Services.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Ed Clay and his TEAM are knowledgeable and very professional.  No one is better at assisting you and your family in preparing for your future and your generations ahead.  A+++

– Ray