Elder Law & Disability Asset Protection

Disability in Estate Planning terms applies to a mentally or physically incapacitated adult, or an adult receiving government benefits due to a disability.

Asset Protection legal strategies are important for people who have been given a diagnosis which indicates a likely need for future long-term care or for people those facing imminent nursing home care. If you or a loved one has concerns about protecting assets from Medicaid spend down and ensuring proper plans are in place, book a consultation.

If you or someone in your family has special needs or is receiving government benefits, they could be interrupted if an inheritance is left the wrong way. If you have someone you have in your family for whom you want to leave an inheritance, we can help you do plan it properly, so it doesn’t interrupt their benefits. If you are someone who receives disability benefits and you recently inherited or will inherit, contact us so we can help you to avoid being disqualified for benefits.

If your loved one is unable to make decisions for themselves the way they did in the past, or perhaps you have a loved one with special needs, we can help provide you peace of mind knowing your loved one will be cared for as they should. After consulting with us about our Family Legacy Legal Services™, you may decide on strategies such as proactive Estate Planning, or you may need to implement steps to avoid Guardianship.

Why Medicaid Planning Matters

  • Simplify Rules

Medicaid qualification is a complex maze of rules. We help you understand how the rules apply to you.

  • Strategic Estate Planning

Each person’s goals and needs are different. We strategize with you to develop a plan tailored to your goals.

  • Maximize Asset Protection

You do not have to spend down all your money until you have $2,500 left to qualify. We analyze how to protect more of your assets while qualifying for Medicaid sooner.

  • Legal Strategies

We help you take advantage of proven and reliable legal strategies to preserve your hard-earned assets while still qualifying for benefits to pay for your long-term care.

  • Avoid Crisis

The hardest time to act is during a stressful time. We help you be proactive and plan before it is too late. Even in a crisis, we can still help.

  • Peace of Mind

Your focus should be on the care of your loved one. We help you reduce the burden and uncertainties for you and your loved ones.

Medicaid Planning Should Be…


It can be confusing to understand Medicaid requirements. Our team helps you navigate the options you have and guides you each step of the way.


The welfare of the individual is the most important. We ensure the individual’s best interests are considered throughout the process.


Failing to act or acting too late has consequences. We help you proactively plan so you or your loved ones are not trying to navigate this process during a crisis.

Our Process

  • Information Gathering & Consultation

As part of the Family Legacy Legal Services™, we want you to learn about us and we want to understand your situation to determine how we can help. For us to provide you with the value of the planning services, we need to understand details such as your assets, health consideration timing and the complexity of the planning needed. With this information we can provide you with options and a fee quote.

  • Strategic Counselling & Delivery

Once you engage our services, an attorney will work with you to design the plan and execute the strategy. This will include identifying people who will be put in place to legally manage your affairs, when needed. After your plan has been created, it is signed, witnessed and notarized. If a Medicaid Application needs to be filed immediately, we will walk you through that process.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

The strategy for properly titling your assets and beneficiary designations is discussed, and then documents are signed for us to help you with this process. Clients who enroll in our Family Legacy Legal Services™ Maintenance Program, have their funding completed and verified, and their Estate Plan continues to adapt to any legal changes including Medicaid qualification rules.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Ed Clay and his TEAM are knowledgeable and very professional.  No one is better at assisting you and your family in preparing for your future and your generations ahead.  A+++

– Ray