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Schedule a 15-Minute Call or Zoom

Schedule a time to speak with Ed on Zoom or by phone. You must submit your questions in advance during the scheduling process.  CLICK HERE to go to the form.

Common Forms

Once you click the form name to open the desired form, fill it out and ‘Save’ if you need to come back to it.  Ensure you ‘Submit’ the completed form.

  • Amendment Request:  Amendment outside of your CUP year update
  • Helper & Beneficiary Information Update:  i.e., name changes, births, address changes, etc.
  • Personal Property Memo Worksheet:  Describe items of personal significance you will leave to important people in your life.
  • Referral Form:  Refer Someone Just Like YOU!  Complete the form to have your referral invited to an Empowered Estate Planning orientation program.  This 45-minute introduction prepares them to embark on their estate planning journey.

Group Meetings (AFR & CUP) and Tutorials for ARRs and EPRWs

Annual Family Reunion (AFR) & Asset Review Report (ARR) Tutorial Main Page CLICK HERE


  • AFR Attendance Selection Form (Updated January of each year.)
  • Asset Review Report (ARR) Tutorial
  • Recorded AFR Session (Available after yearly AFR sessions each year.)

Client Update Program (CUP) and Estate Planning Review Worksheet (EPRW) Tutorial Main Page CLICK HERE


  • CUP Program Selection Form (Updated June of each year.)
  • Estate Planning Review Worksheet (EPRW) Tutorial
  • Recorded CUP Session (Available after CUP sessions each year.)

Secure Document Portal

Access and download Asset Review Reports (ARR), Estate Plan Review Worksheets (EPRW) and other documents from the Download to Client folder, placed in the portal for you by the law firm.  Or upload documents to the Law Firm in the Upload to Law Firm folder.  Use your email and the password you set up for the portal to log in.  Click on ‘Forgotten password?’ if you do not remember your password to rest it.

CLICK HERE to log in.

Click the icon below to open a job aid with screen shots to walk you through logging in, resetting your password and download/upload.

A Review of the Family Legacy Legal Services Program™

For new clients or current clients who want a review, CLICK HERE  to watch The Empowered Legacy Session™

DocuBank for Family Legacy Clients

DocuBank Main Page CLICK HERE


  • DocuBank Explainer Video
  • DocuBank Client Login (Quick access also available on the Home page.)
  • Access Your Medical Directives (Quick access also available on the Home page.)