Estate Planning


A carefully designed and tailored estate plan helps provide security, structure, and peace of mind for your family and close friends when you pass on. A well-crafted estate plan also helps minimize federal and state taxes. This is where Ed can help. Day in and day out, Ed helps guide clients in drafting comprehensive estate plans that include the following features:

  • The establishment of trusts
  • Strategic planning to help reduce excessive taxation
  • Drafting a legally accurate and valid Last Will and Testament
  • The establishment of a special needs trust
  • Arranging for guardianship of young loved ones

A personally tailored estate plan that fits your needs

No single estate planning tool or formula fits every family’s unique circumstances or satisfies each client’s specific needs or preferences. You may only want a simple will, while others may want a more detailed and extensive estate plan featuring multiple trusts. Ed will make sure to offer guidance on taking advantage of sophisticated tax strategies to access tax deductions, exclusions and exemptions during your life and save your family from excessive taxation after you pass.

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