Special Needs Planning

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A special needs trust is a fairly sophisticated tool designed to help protect a loved one, or loved ones, so they can continue to access various public benefits if they have a disability, while still providing them with the financial resources to improve the quality of their lives. Ed has years of experience in assisting clients with creating special needs trusts and advising clients about administering the trust without risking entitlement to Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medical Assistance (MA)/Medicaid and other federal and state benefits.

If you or a family member suffered a debilitating bodily injury in a preventable accident and received a damages award or settlement from a personal injury lawsuit, it would be prudent to consider establishing a self-funded special needs trust. This can enable you to preserve your eligibility for government programs after you recover the compensatory damages from the personal injury lawsuit. It is important to act before you recover compensation so you don’t risk your entitlements.

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